Medicine for Sick Iowans

My search for healing and pain relief has lead me to a very unexpected medicine.

I hope you will watch this video with an open mind and consider sharing it with friends and family.

We need a new view on this medicine in our nation.

Want to help us spread the word?

Iowans and others… you can help! My goal is for this video to go viral in the next week.  Please share it with as many people as you can.
 Iowans… contact your legislators here:
Others… we are going big… send it to your favorite celebrity… go federal, if we can get a country-wide change on this matter, it’d be sweet!  Thanks everyone!
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  1. I am so sorry you suffer with regular extreme pain. I fully support medicinal cannabis.

  2. Very very interesting. You did a great job. How are you feeling? I do often hear of marijuana’s detrimental side effects on DNA and other issues. And that it is typically a gateway drug to more harmful substances. What do you think about that? Thanks much and praying for you.

    • Hi Adrienne,
      Thanks for watching the video… I appreciate it!

      Thanks for asking how I’m doing as well. I’m still experiencing lots of pain… my tailbone keeps popping out so it’s difficult to walk and having lots of migraines as a result of the trigeminal neuralgia. Had an hour long MRI yesterday hoping to figure out a little more about what’s going on in my body so I’m nervous about hearing the results of that. But I’m trying to stay hopeful, reading a lot about positive thinking, researching the cannabis issue, learning more about essential oils and treatments with frequencies (rife, etc.) Gotta keep the head busy, since my body can’t be… I’m learning I get through it all much better if I do that. :)

      On your questions about the cannabis. I haven’t researched either a ton but I do have few things I can comment on.
      1. We’re talking medical cannabis, not recreational cannabis, for really sick people. People like me, little kids with seizures, people with cancer. We’re not hoping to do this to get high but to be healthy so no one is interested in other drugs… just pain and symptom relief and healing. For those seeking to use this recreationally to get high, sure I suppose it could be a gateway drug… but I believe that is more due to the mindset of the person using it than the fact that marijuana forces them to do it… they choose that course for themselves.
      2. Regarding DNA damage, the studies on DNA damage focus on the smoked form of marijuana. A large portion of people seeking the use of medicinal cannabis do not wish to use it the smoked form, but rather in a tincture, oil, vapor, or edible (I’m also learning now that juicing the leaves is highly beneficial as well).
      Specifically the affects of acetaldehyde was what was studied. This is found in the smoke of cannabis that is burned. Acetaldehyde is said to be a probable or possible carcinogen. It naturally breaks down in the body but has been shown to be excreted in the urine of rats. A carcinogen is a substance directly correlated with causing cancer, which is DNA damage. Acetaldehyde occurs naturally in coffee, bread and ripe fruit. It’s also found in our outdoor air (from engines, waste management) and indoor air (off gassed by laminate, linoleum, wood varnish, and pine/cork flooring).
      Even with that information, I have heard reports of those that do choose to smoke it, and are seeing fantastic results with the shrinkage of tumors and many other almost miraculous stories.
      Hope that information helps.

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