Lyme Series: How does Lyme work?

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Lyme Disease is a spirochete or a spiral shaped bacteria.  There are about 6 other diseases that are caused by spirochetes, the most well known being syphilis.  The spirochete shape is what allows Lyme Disease to burrow it’s way through the tissue and organs of the body.

Think about using a corkscrew to open a bottle of wine.  It spirals in to the cork stopper with ease, not only that, but it catches and can not be pulled straight out.  Now consider if you had used a straight tool, like a nail or a screwdriver to try to remove your cork stopper.  Wouldn’t work, right?


These spirochetes, once in the body, release bacterial lipoproteins, a neurotoxin, and antigens, which are the bacteria’s fingerprint.  These antigens are what tells your body, “Warning!  There’s an invader! ATTACK!”  

As in my simplistic illustration above, these antigens are processed by the Dendritic Cell and handed off to the Helper T-Cells, then once again handed off to our Killer T-Cells.  Killer T-Cells are meant to be just that, killers.  They are our bodies warriors that fight against our bodies invaders which normally works swimmingly.  But with Lyme, once the Killer T-Cells pick up Lyme’s scent, they’re on the war path trying to find those Lyme antigens.  Guess what… those sneaky little buggers have already burrowed into your organs, leaving the antigens on the surface of your organs, so the Killer T-Cells pick-up the scent and, since they aren’t spirochete and start attacking your organs instead of the spirochete.  And BAM!  Auto-immune response… your body is attacking itself.

Stay tuned for an upcoming articles on symptoms and misdiagnosis.

Note: This is my own personal interpretation of what I have read and researched on how Lyme functions in the body.  I am not a doctor, but a Lyme sufferer seeking to understand her own illness.  If you have a differing opinion on how it works I’d love to discuss that.  Also, I am not a doctor.  This is not meant to diagnose or treat disease… please see full disclaimer at the bottom of my page.

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