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A reader asked me recently if I had any links to other Lyme blogs so I thought I would come up with a list of my favorite Lyme blogs, websites and resources.  I know maneuvering the Lyme world is complicated whether you are newly diagnosed or even not so new.  I hope you enjoy our favorite Lyme links as much as we do.


Nourishing Faith and Family- Sherry and I just met virtually about a month ago and are quickly becoming good friends.  She is like me in choosing to treat Lyme entirely naturally at this time and focusing on real food.  Her blog is very informative and has lots of great recipes.

Loving Our Guts- This blog came highly recommended to me.  Loads of info on Lyme, real food and holistic health.

Whole Intentions- Paula doesn’t talk a whole lot about Lyme, but she started her search for health out of her experience with it.  Lots of great recipes and info about Candida.

Our Lyme Life – Rachel, her husband and a son have all been diagnosed with Lyme.  She shares her struggles and triumphs through Lyme here.  She is planning on starting a new blog soon that will include more information about general health and wellness, so I will update this when it is up.

Lord and Lyme – This is my personal friend Summer’s blog.  I just love Summer and all her lovely southernness and I think you will too.  Her blog is fairly new so she doesn’t have a ton of posts up yet, but what’s up is great.  She writes about her treatments and experience and I’m sure there is lots of greatness to come.

Better Health Guy – Scott has lots of great info about Lyme and treatment options on his site.  He includes some recipes as well and does lots of Lyme advocacy.

Lyme Disease Insights - Bryan Rosner is an author on Lyme, educator and supporter.  Loads of great info on his site, plus a great bookstore for education.  His videos are good too.

Natural Treatment Plans

Cowden Protocol- Out of all the natural treatment options out there, this is the most popular.  (Note: I don’t know if this is the best link to info on this protocol but it’s the best I have right now.)

Buehner Healing Lyme – Stephen Buehner is a herbalist and Lyme expert.  His treatment plan is similar to the Cowden Protocol, with a few variations.

Klinghardt Protocol – Dr. Klinghardt was featured in Under Our Skin.  He is very wise and has some very helpful and simple things to do that don’t cost anything.

Favorite Places to Purchase Products for Treatment

(Note: These are affiliate links, but I absolutely believe in these products and use them myself. Using my affiliate links does not cost you extra money but may give me a small percentage of the sale that goes towards my Lyme treatment.)

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

Mountain Rose Herbs has tons of great dried herbs and products and great prices.  Buying bulk herbs and making my own tinctures for treatment saves me a lot of money.

Great selection of bulk herbs, books, and remedies. Articles, Research Aids and much more.
Bulk Herb Store is a family run company with lots of great products, kits and education on how to use the herbs.

Bella Mira Essential Oil Banner Sm
Bella Mira Essential Oils sells therapeutic grade, organic oils produced on small farms using a low/no pressure and low temperature distillation process.  The oils are undiluted, fair trade, and inexpensive.

 If you know any great Lyme resources please leave them in the comments below so we can all check them out.


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  1. Thanks for all of the great links!! I love especially love Better Health Guy’s site. I have learned so much from him as far as protocols go. My doctor was the one that referred me to his site :)

  2. This is amazing and exactly what I was looking for. Thank You!!!

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