Book Deals: Kombucha Heaven

A friend passed along a new scoby to me last week.  I killed mine over the long winter, not tending to it while I was bed-ridden… but alas I am determined to keep this one in tip top shape. Since I’ve got scoby on the brain… thought I’d share some…



Hello lovelies! Follow my blog with Bloglovin If you are a regular at The Homespun Rabble Rouser, you’ve probably wondered if I sailed off the edge of the ocean. (Speaking of such… a new mom friend told me she had joined a homeschool group on Facebook that teach their kids…

Medicine for Sick Iowans


My search for healing and pain relief has lead me to a very unexpected medicine. I hope you will watch this video with an open mind and consider sharing it with friends and family. We need a new view on this medicine in our nation. Want to help us spread…

Lyme Links to Love


A reader asked me recently if I had any links to other Lyme blogs so I thought I would come up with a list of my favorite Lyme blogs, websites and resources.  I know maneuvering the Lyme world is complicated whether you are newly diagnosed or even not so new….